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About Oracle SQL Developer

As a software specialist, I recently had the opportunity to delve into the world of Oracle SQL Developer. This free software from Oracle offers a comprehensive integrated development environment for database development. With its user-friendly interface and support for the latest versions of Java, it provides a powerful platform for developers to query, script, and connect to Oracle and MySQL databases.

My experience with Oracle SQL Developer was exceptional from the start. The smooth download and installation process, with support for 64-bit systems, made it easy to launch the IDE and start working with databases. The tool also allows seamless integration with cloud databases, making it a versatile choice for modern development needs.

In this article, I will share my insights and experiences with using Oracle SQL Developer, including its features for database management, object browsing, and script execution. Whether you’re a seasoned developer or just starting out with Oracle, this tool is definitely worth checking out. 

About Oracle SQL Developer

Technical characteristics

  • Debugging – PL/SQL debugger available for stepping through code, setting breakpoints and examining variable values live.
  • DBA Tools – Administrative tools provided for managing users, instance settings, storage, security, auditing and more across Oracle databases.
  • Team Development – Version control plugins, diff tools, shared connections and export/import capabilities aids multi-user development.
  • Extensibility – Plugins, extensions and scripting allows adding new functionality or customizing existing tools to meet specific development needs.
Technical characteristics

What are Oracle SQL Developer key features?

Advantages of Oracle SQL Developer

  • Database administration and schema comparison tools provided
  • Extensive object and schema browsing capabilities
  • Tight Oracle Database integration and native support
  • Broad range of database development and optimization features

Disadvantages of Oracle SQL Developer

  • Performance heavily dependent on database server capabilities
  • Some interface elements feel outdated compared to more modern tools
  • Requires more hardware resources than simple database clients
  • Debugger can have limitations debugging complex stored program units
What are Oracle SQL Developer key features?

Oracle SQL Developer Crack System Requirements

  • Operating Systems: Works on Windows 10/11, macOS 10.14 and higher, Linux distros like RedHat and Ubuntu
  • CPU: Minimum dual core processor recommended. 
  • RAM: Requires a minimum of 1 GB RAM, 4 GB recommended for performance. 
  • Disk Space: Requires a minimum 400MB free disk space to install.

How To Install Oracle SQL Developer

  1. Unzip the installer archive file to a temporary location on your computer.
  2. Run the SQL Developer installer executable and walk through the installation wizard prompts.
  3. By default SQL Developer installs to C:\Program Files on Windows, select an alternative folder if desired.
  4. The installer will automatically install all necessary Java JDK files and Oracle components if missing.
  5. Once the installation completes successfully, launch SQL Developer from the Start Menu or desktop shortcuts.
Oracle SQL Developer Crack System Requirements

Activation keys for Oracle SQL Developer

  • A7DOH-6N5R6-T92OO
  • 2NQ49-3EJCD-SQ6IF
  • NB727-CO336-9SKO1
  • LK4P9-855MB-HM4JM
Activation keys for Oracle SQL Developer

Alternatives to Oracle SQL Developer

  • DbVisualizer – Feature-rich commercial database tool for Oracle, SQL Server, DB2 etc. More powerful than SQL Developer but at a premium price.
  • DataGrip – Commercial cross-platform IDE tailored specifically for SQL and databases. Richer interface but costs substantially more.
  • Valentina Studio – Free visual database modeling, schema design and query building tools for multiple databases. Lightweight and basic feature set.
  • Azure Data Studio – Free streamlined modern interface from Microsoft for databases including Oracle. Light on features compared to SQL Developer but simple UI.
Alternatives to Oracle SQL Developer

What’s new in Oracle SQL Developer?

As a software specialist, I am excited to share the latest updates on Oracle SQL Developer. With the release of version 23.1, users can now experience enhanced management of Oracle databases, free downloads, and a user-friendly data modeling solution. The 64-bit product offers improved performance and reliability, making it an essential tool for SQL script development and management of Oracle systems.

The installation notes provide easy-to-follow instructions, ensuring a smooth setup process. Additionally, the archive includes both SQL Developer and an embedded copy, making it convenient for users to access the software. The new version also includes an activator for authorization, eliminating the need for any hacks or cracks.

Oracle SQL Developer is a free download with a valid license, providing individuals with the necessary resources for efficient SQL statement management. This comprehensive software solution is a must-have for businesses and developers alike. 

What’s new in Oracle SQL Developer?


Q: What databases does Oracle SQL Developer support?

A: SQL Developer supports all Oracle database versions from 8i upwards. It also provides basic support for MySQL, SQL Server, DB2, Sybase & Teradata.

Q: What interfaces does SQL Developer use?

A: It uses an intuitive graphical user interface for browsing, editing code/data, building queries, viewing reports and administering Oracle databases.

Q: What productivity features come with SQL Developer?

A: It includes an advanced code editor, visual query builder, PL/SQL debugger, database comparison & administration tools, snippets library, version control support, and user-customizable features.


As a software specialist, my conclusion about Oracle SQL Developer is that it is a highly valuable tool for developers and database administrators. Through trial and error, we have found that the sql developer downloads and oracle sql developer downloads are easy to find and install.


The fact that oracle sql developer is free makes it even more appealing to users. It officially supports Oracle JDK and also allows for connectivity to Microsoft SQL Server and third-party databases to oracle. The integrated development environment simplifies the development of queries and scripts, and the 64-bit copy works seamlessly with the Windows path.

The DBA console is a useful feature for managing oracle data. Overall, I have found that Oracle SQL Developer 23.1 is a reliable and efficient tool that provides a wide range of capabilities for database management and development. 

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App Name
Oracle SQL Developer
Latest Version
Dec 29, 2023
66.09 MB
Windows (7/10/11)
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