Fraps 3.1 Crack Full Version for Windows

About Fraps v3.1 Crack

Fraps 3.1 is the latest update to the popular video capture and benchmarking software for games. This new version adds support for OpenGL games and applications, allowing users to benchmark and capture footage not just from DirectX titles but also OpenGL-based games and apps. 

It also improves compatibility with the latest graphics cards and drivers from Nvidia and AMD. Video recording gets a boost in Fraps 3.1 with support for the HEVC codec, allowing for higher quality video capture while using less drive space. 

Further enhancements in this update include improved Windows 10 compatibility, better utilization of modern multi-core CPUs, and user interface tweaks for usability. Overall, Fraps 3.1 brings welcomed updates to improve game capture functionality and benchmarking for the modern PC gamer.

About Fraps v3.1

Technical characteristics

  • Customizable video capture frame rates from 10 fps up to 120 fps
  • Supports H.264, HEVC, and other video codecs for compression
  • Audio capture from microphone and game sound
  • Real-time FPS overlay monitoring

What are Fraps key features?

Advantages of Fraps

  • Minimal performance impact – Fraps is optimized to have a very small footprint during gameplay recording and benchmarking, using ~1% CPU utilization. This means minimal impact on game performance.
  • Real-time FPS monitoring – The in-game overlay displays your current frame rate, handy for tracking performance during gameplay.
  • Benchmarking capabilities – Fraps benchmarking tools allow you to accurately measure frame rates, frame times, and resource utilization.

Disadvantages of Fraps

  • Occasional compatibility issues – Being designed for games, Fraps sometimes has issues capturing desktop or productivity apps.
  • No webcam capture – Fraps does not record or integrate webcam video into its captures.
  • Lacks annotations – No annotation tools to highlight or call out parts of a video during capture.
key features

Fraps 3.1 System Requirements

  • OS: Windows 7 or newer
  • CPU: Quad core CPU (Core i5 or better)
  • RAM: 2GB
  • GPU: DirectX 11 compatible card with 1GB+ VRAM

How to Download and Install Fraps

  1. After purchasing, you will receive an email with your Fraps license key. Keep this handy as you will need it during installation.

  2. Download the Fraps installation file from the link provided after purchase or from your account dashboard. Save the .exe file on your computer.

  3. Double click the Fraps .exe file to run the installer. Click through the initial installer prompts.

  4. When prompted, enter your purchased license key to register Fraps on your system. The installer will activate and verify this key to unlock the full version.

How to Download and Install Fraps

Fraps Activation Key 2023

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Alternatives to Fraps

  • MSI Afterburner – Free system utility for GPU overclocking that includes game recording features using the RivaTuner codec.
  • Windows 10 Game Bar – Microsoft’s built-in game capture overlay for Windows 10, accessible via the Game Bar with Windows key + G.
  • Camtasia – Robust screen recorder and video editor, provides advanced recording and post-processing tools.
  • Dxtory – Advanced game capture tool with a high degree of customizability and format support. Can be expensive.
Alternatives to Fraps

What’s new in Fraps 3.1?

  • Improved multi-core utilization – The code has been optimized to make better use of modern multi-core CPUs during benchmarking and video recording.
  • Windows 10 compatibility updates – Fraps 3.1 has improved compatibility with the latest Windows 10 builds and security features.
  • HEVC/H.265 video codec support – Video can now be captured using the more advanced and efficient HEVC codec, resulting in higher quality and smaller files.

All versions Fraps 3.1


Q: Does Fraps work with both Nvidia and AMD graphics cards?

A: Yes, Fraps is compatible with both Nvidia and AMD GPUs as it uses DirectX for capturing gameplay footage.

Q: What formats can Fraps record video in?

A: Fraps can record gameplay video in AVI, MP4, MPEG4, and MOV formats. It also supports image sequences like JPG.

Q: Can I live stream gameplay using Fraps?

A: No, Fraps is just for recording videos locally and does not support live streaming. You would need a program like OBS Studio for streaming.


In conclusion, Fraps 3.1 is a powerful software program for gamers that allows them to take screenshots and record gameplay videos with high frames per second. With Fraps, there’s no need to paste or use any activator to enjoy the full version.


The crack free download Fraps 3.1 comes with a keygen and serial for registration and authorization. It also offers the option to capture audio while recording and the ability to save the screenshots in formats like bmp and png. 

Fraps is a universal windows program that caters to the needs of gamers by providing a user-friendly interface and a wide range of features. The latest version also includes a bandicam crack, giving users an alternative option for screen capturing. Overall, Fraps 3.1 is a reliable and efficient software for gamers looking to enhance their gaming experience. 

App Name
Fraps 3.1
Latest Version
Nov 27, 2023
1.92 MB
Windows 2000 / Windows 7 / Windows 7 x64 / Windows 8 / Windows 8 x64 / Windows Vista / Windows Vista x64 / Windows XP / Windows XP x64
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