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About OBS Studio v17

OBS Studio 17 introduces some major improvements to aid content creators and streamers. One big addition is the new dockable UI which allows detaching elements like scenes, sources, audio mixer etc into separate floating windows for more flexibility. Multi-view allows previewing multiple scenes and sources simultaneously for easier production. 

Improved displays capture now supports HDR, 10-bit color, and fullscreen optimizations. On the streaming side, OBS 17 brings WebRTC support for peer-to-peer streaming without servers. For performance, new optimizations reduce CPU usage and improve efficiency when using NVENC and AMF encoders on Windows and Linux. 

Stability sees fixes for crashes and freezing when interacting with sources. With its customizable dockable UI, multi-view previews, HDR capture upgrades, WebRTC integration and under-the-hood optimizations, OBS Studio 17 brings workflow enhancements for an improved production experience.

About OBS Studio v17

Technical characteristics

  • GPU Acceleration: Leverages APIs like DirectX, OpenGL, Vulkan, V4L2.
  • Resolution Support: Up to 4K. Frame rates up to 240fps.
  • Encoding Options: x264, NVENC, QuickSync, AMD AMF.
  • Protocols Supported: RTMP, RTMPS, RTSP, HTTP(S), HLS, SRT, RIST.
Technical characteristics

What are OBS Studio key features?

Advantages of OBS Studio

  • Free and open source – OBS is completely free to use with no hidden charges or licensing. Source code is publicly available.
  • Cross-platform – Works on Windows, Mac, and Linux with a consistent interface. Makes switching between operating systems easy.
  • Lightweight and optimized – Efficiently utilizes GPU and CPU resources for real-time streaming and recording. Lower overhead than some alternatives.

Disadvantages of OBS Studio

  • Manual configuration – Setting up scenes, sources, plugins, settings etc. requires manual tuning. More time consuming than presets.
  • Limited cloud support – Cloud storage, collaboration features not built-in. Requires using third-party integrations.
  • Third party plugins vary – Plugin quality and reliability can be hit or miss depending on development.
key features

OBS Studio 17 System Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows 7 or newer, macOS 10.10 or newer, Linux. Most modern distributions are supported.
  • CPU: A decently powerful CPU with multiple cores is recommended. Intel Core i5 or better, or AMD Ryzen 5 or better.
  • GPU: For basic usage, an integrated GPU is fine. For more advanced usage like streaming high resolution/framerate games, a dedicated NVIDIA or AMD GPU is recommended.
  • RAM: 8GB RAM minimum, 16GB or more recommended especially for streaming.
System Requirements

How to Download and Install OBS Studio

Steps How to Download and Install OBS Studio

  1. Step

    Run Installer – Once downloaded, run the OBS installer (.exe file on Windows or .dmg on Mac) and follow the setup wizard.

  2. Step

    Select Components – On the installation screen, select the components you want to install. Keep the default options for most users.

  3. Step

    Installation – The installer will now install OBS Studio and any add-ons you selected in the previous step.

OBS Studio Activation Key 2023

  • 5QL6G-EMP5F-2J72N
  • 39K69-I8J97-N3E76
  • NL1J3-85P74-353KO
Activation Key

Alternatives to OBS Studio

  • Wirecast – Another professional streaming software from Telestream. Very powerful but costs money.
  • vMix – Live production and streaming software with advanced mixing capabilities. Windows only.
  • Nvidia ShadowPlay – Basic recording software that utilizes Nvidia GPUs for screen capture and encoding. Limited features.

What’s new in OBS Studio 17?

  • Multi-Track Audio – Supports separate audio tracks for each source, with per source monitoring and volume/mute.
  • Source Groups – Logically group sources together for better organization and management.
  • Audio Ducking – Automatically lowers volume of other sources when someone speaks in mic/audio.
  • Noise Suppression Filter – Reduces background noise from mic and other audio sources.
OBS Studio 17


Q: What are the system requirements for running OBS Studio?

A: Minimum requirements are a dual-core CPU, 4GB RAM and DirectX 10 capable GPU. For advanced streaming at high quality, a multi-core CPU, 8GB+ RAM, dedicated GPU from Nvidia or AMD and an SSD is recommended.

Q: How do I add different sources and mix them in OBS Studio?

A: You can add Image, Display Capture, Video Capture, Text, Browser, Webcam, Game Capture and other sources in OBS Studio. Arrange them in scenes and use the mixer to adjust audio levels. Add filters for effects.

Q: Can I customize the OBS Studio interface and settings?

A: Yes, OBS Studio is highly customizable. You can add docks, rearrange sections, create custom workspaces and tweak settings like encoders, hotkeys and plugins as per your specific needs and preferences.


In conclusion, OBS Studio is a versatile software for video recording and live streaming. The latest version, 29.1.3, can be downloaded for free from the OBS Project website. It is an open source software that offers a range of features including simple output mode and authorization for live streaming.


The fixed issue in OBS Studio 29.1.3 ensures a smooth and efficient user experience. The software is highly regarded in the industry and is trusted by many content creators. It is available as a free download and offers a crack and activator for those who prefer the unauthorized version.

The OBS Studio 29.1.3 product is widely available on various platforms including With its user-friendly interface and extensive capabilities, OBS Studio 29.1.3 is the go-to choice for individuals looking to record and live stream videos effortlessly. 

App Name
OBS Studio 17
Open Broadcaster Software
Latest Version
Nov 27, 2023
129 MB
Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
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