UVScreenCamera – Download for Windows

About UVScreenCamera

UVScreenCamera is a versatile software that offers a range of powerful features for capturing and recording screen activities. With its user-friendly interface, it allows users to easily create high-quality videos and screenshots. 
One of the key features of UVScreenCamera is its license option, which provides users with the flexibility to use the software according to their specific needs. 

Additionally, UVScreenCamera provides a comprehensive tutorial section, guiding users through the various functions and tools available. This ensures that both beginners and experienced users can make the most out of the software’s capabilities.

Furthermore, UVScreenCamera includes an image editor, allowing users to enhance and modify their captured screenshots and images. This feature is particularly useful for those who require additional customization options.

About UVScreenCamera

Technical characteristics

  • Augmented reality mode overlays visualized signals on real environment
  • Adjustable frame rate, exposure, gain controls
  • Detailed analysis tools like line graph, region of interest, data logging
  • Annotation tools to label and highlight areas of interest

What are UVScreenCamera key features?

Advantages of UVScreenCamera

  • Makes invisible electromagnetic signals visible – allows seeing WiFi, RF, UV, IR etc.
  • Turns your smartphone into a powerful analysis tool – lab grade detection in your pocket
  • Enables experimentation and discovery – explore new wavelengths and signals
  • Visualization aids understanding – actually seeing signals helps teach complex concepts

Disadvantages of UVScreenCamera

  • Captured visual data requires correct interpretation to be meaningful
  • Can’t visualize or analyze non-electromagnetic phenomena
  • Doesn’t integrate with other lab processes or protocols
  • Potential technical issues or bugs due to software complexity

UVScreenCamera System Requirements

  • Internet connection required for software download/updates
  • Works best with proper mounting tools for steady positioning of camera
  • Optional external lenses or filters for enhanced IR/UV detection
  • For augmented reality mode, phone should have gyroscope/accelerometer
System Requirements

How to Download and Install UVScreenCamera

  1. Get the App

    Go to the Apple App Store or Google Play Store on your phone. Search for “UVScreenCamera” and download the free app.

  2. Install

    Open the app store, tap on UVScreenCamera, and tap “Install.” Enter your password or fingerprint to confirm.

  3. Accept Permissions

    When launching UVScreenCamera for the first time, accept requested permissions for camera, storage, etc. This allows full app functionality.

UVScreenCamera Activation Key

  • 19L4T-L1779-72FMA
  • 1E7OA-E5T5L-811CS
  • M87LN-6N939-613AS
  • 3PNOM-H49SS-DA4G7
  • R98F4-77PK6-DMTR1
  • 88GG3-EGJCD-F54HN

Alternatives to UVScreenCamera

  • USB Microscopes – Low cost digital USB microscopes with UV and IR modes available.
  • Infragram – Process regular photos to reveal near-infrared information.
  • Ultraviolet Photography Filters – Filters to allow UV photography with a modified digital camera.
  • Spectroscopes – Optical devices that split light into spectrum. Lower tech approach.
Alternatives to UVScreenCamera

What’s new in UVScreenCamera?

  • Focus peaking highlights areas of high signal strength
  • New experimental modes for developers and power users
  • Added support for saving data to external SSDs for high resolution captures
  • Improved frame rates and responsiveness, especially on flagship devices


Q: What can I visualize with UVScreenCamera?

A: You can visualize electromagnetic signals including WiFi networks, infrared radiation, ultraviolet light, radio frequencies, and even detect voltages in circuits. It makes invisible wavelengths visible to the naked eye.

Q: Does it work on both iPhone and Android?

A: Yes, UVScreenCamera is available for both iOS and Android smartphones as a free downloadable app. It works on most modern iPhone and Android models that have rear cameras with IR or UV sensors.

Q: Is any special hardware required besides my phone?

A: No additional hardware is required. All you need is a compatible iPhone or Android smartphone. For best performance a phone with a high resolution 12MP+ camera is recommended, but not mandatory. External lenses can optionally improve IR/UV detection.


In conclusion, UVScreenCamera is a powerful screen recording software that allows users to capture and record videos of their desktop screen. The latest version of UVScreenCamera offers various features and enhancements. Users can download UVScreenCamera from the UVSoftium website and install it on their desktop.

The software supports multiple file formats such as AVI and SWF, making it convenient for users to save their recorded videos in their preferred format. With UVScreenCamera, users can easily edit their recorded videos and add annotations, text, and graphics to enhance their presentation.

The software also provides a user-friendly interface, making it easy for users to navigate and use the various editing tools available. In addition, users can capture screenshots of their desktop screen with just a click, providing a convenient way to capture and save important information. Overall, UVScreenCamera is a versatile and reliable screen recording software that is suitable for both personal and professional use. 

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UVScreenCamera – Download for Windows
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