HyperCam – Download for Windows

About HyperCam

HyperCam is a screen recording and screenshot capture software designed for Microsoft Windows. With HyperCam, users can easily record on-screen activity into high quality video files. Key features include options to record the entire screen or a select region, capture screenshots, annotate recordings with text and drawings, and edit videos with effects and transitions. 

Useful for software demonstrations, gaming footage, and instructional videos, HyperCam provides customizable output options including AVI, WMV, and Flash formats. The video compression can be adjusted to balance file size and quality. HyperCam offers a straightforward interface for efficient screen capturing in Windows, allowing both novice and power users to quickly capture and share videos of their PC screen. 

Its lightweight encoding puts minimal stress on system resources. Overall, HyperCam is a reliable, full-featured choice for recording smooth and clear software demos, gameplay videos, and visual guides on Windows machines.

HyperCam - Download for Windows

Technical characteristics

  • Customizable video compression (e.g. Cinepak, Camstudio, MPEG)
  • Output file types like AVI, WMV, SWF/Flash
  • Draw annotations over recordings in real-time
  • Basic video editing tools (trim, transitions, text overlay)
  • Lightweight resource footprint during recording

What are HyperCam key features?

Advantages of HyperCam

  • Customizable capture options – Record any part of screen, at desired resolution and frame rate
  • Annotate videos – Draw, add text, arrows during recording
  • Edit recordings – Trim, add transitions, titles, effects post-recording
  • Audio capture – Record system sounds and microphone
  • Hotkeys – Start, stop, pause recording with assigned hotkeys

Disadvantages of HyperCam

  • No mobile app availability
  • Interface looks dated compared to newer tools
  • H.264 encoding requires purchase of full version
  • Lacks collaboration features like multi-user editing
key features

HyperCam System Requirements

  • Windows 7, 8, 10 or higher
  • Dual-core 2 GHz processor or better
  • 4 GB RAM
  • 500 MB free hard drive space
  • Discrete GPU for H.264 acceleration

How to Download and Install HyperCam

  1. Save the HyperCam installer file to your computer. Double click the file to launch the installer.

  2. Accept the license agreement and click “Next” to begin installation. Use default settings unless you need to customize the install location.

  3. Once installation is complete, click “Finish” to launch HyperCam.

How to Download and Install HyperCam

HyperCam Product Key

  • D197E-6633I-921Q4
  • MS77Q-S6N6A-K5655
  • E66LL-J1R31-BLA59
  • K9I48-R96E7-D6FH4
  • 8KJ3D-B1R9G-98S3K
  • L3CMQ-FIB23-54A78

Alternatives to HyperCam

  • OBS Studio – Free and open source screen recorder. More advanced features for streaming.
  • Camtasia – Premium full-featured recorder and video editor. 30-day free trial.
  • Screencast-O-Matic – Browser based recorder. Free and paid versions available.
  • ShareX – Open source and free, advanced functionality for screenshots and recordings.

What’s new in HyperCam?

  • Hardware accelerated encoding using NVIDIA NVENC on compatible GPUs
  • Dark mode and UI improvements
  • Ability to record only system audio without video
  • Option to auto-split recordings into multiple files
  • Scroll capture mode records scrolling windows smoothly
What’s new in HyperCam?

All versions HyperCam

HyperCam Home Edition

HyperCam Home Edition is the free version of HyperCam designed for non-commercial use. It provides all the core screen recording capabilities, but limits recordings to 10 minutes and lacks some advanced features. 

HyperCam Home Edition allows users to test the software and make short recordings for free before needing to purchase the full Pro version for longer, unrestricted capturing.

All versions HyperCam


Q: What is HyperCam?

A: HyperCam is a screen recording software program that allows users to capture video and audio from their computer screen. It can record screen activity, webcam footage, and audio from a microphone.

Q: What are some key features of HyperCam?

A: Some key features of HyperCam include: Ability to record full screen, region, or window, editing tools to add text, arrows, etc to recordings.

Q: How do I get started with HyperCam?

A: To get started with HyperCam, first download and install the software from the official website. Launch HyperCam and configure your desired video and audio settings. Select the area of the screen you want to record. Then click the record button to start capturing footage. You can pause and resume recording as needed. 


In conclusion, the HyperCam program by Hyperionics is a highly effective tool for screen capture and recording videos. With its user-friendly interface and extensive tutorial support, users can easily navigate and utilize the program’s features. The ability to record videos with HyperCam ensures that users can capture important moments and actions on their screens.

Additionally, the program allows for the incorporation of watermarks, enabling users to protect their content and add a professional touch to their videos. The partnership with Solveig Multimedia further enhances the program’s capabilities, providing users with even more advanced editing and video processing options.

Overall, the HyperCam program is a comprehensive and practical solution for anyone in need of screen recording and video capture software. 

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HyperCam – Download for Windows
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