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About WM Capture

WM Capture is a lightweight, yet powerful screen recording program for Windows. It allows you to easily record all on-screen activity including the entire desktop, specific windows, menus, games, webcams, audio from computer or microphone, and more. 

It saves videos directly to AVI or WMV format and offers basic editing tools like trimming clips or adding annotations. A key benefit in its simplicity and ease of use – the interface is intuitive with just a few buttons to start, pause, and stop recordings. 

It has a small footprint so it won’t slow down your computer while capturing. It is great for creating software tutorials, capturing gameplay footage, making video demonstrations, and any other situation where you need to record your screen. Its straightforward tools and clean interface make it an ideal choice for quick and hassle-free video recording on Windows machines.

About WM Capture

Technical characteristics

  • Video resolution: Up to 1080p (HD)
  • Customizable video and audio codecs
  • Ability to resize window while recording
  • Basic editing features like trimming, text overlays
  • Lightweight resource usage

What are WM Capture key features?

Advantages of WM Capture

  • Lightweight – doesn’t take up much disk space or RAM, so it won’t slow down your system resources.
  • Customizable settings – You can tweak the video and audio settings to your needs, including codecs, frame rate, size, and more.
  • Multiple input sources – Record your full desktop, specific windows, menus, webcams, or audio from any source.

Disadvantages of WM Capture

  • Basic editing features – The editing tools in WM Capture are fairly basic. No advanced options for more complex editing or post-processing.
  • No mobile screen videos – It only works on Windows desktops, not mobile devices.
  • No cloud storage or sharing options – videos can only be saved locally, not to cloud or social media sites.
key features

WM Capture System Requirements

  • Processor: Intel Core i3 or equivalent
  • Operating System: Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8.1, or Windows 10
  • RAM: 4GB
  • Hard Disk: 500MB free space

How to Download and Install WM Capture

  1. Step

    Locate the file .exe and double click on it to launch the installer.

  2. Step

    Follow the prompts from the setup wizard. Click “Next” to advance through each screen.

  3. Step

    On the installation folder screen, leave the default location or choose a different folder if desired. Click “Install” to begin copying WM Capture files to your computer.

WM Capture - Download for Windows

WM capture Activation Key

  • OK399-9TIQ7-OL769
  • 46J79-Q47I1-5K499
  • 2BC6N-H5IA6-3D5L4
  • 1JT9T-L3GL7-R1EE3

Alternatives to WM Capture

  • Screenflow – Mac-only recorder with powerful editing tools optimized for apple devices.
  • ShareX – Free and open source program for Windows with GIF creation and productivity tools.
  • TinyTake – Simple, free, browser-based screen recorder. Up to 120 minute recordings. Stamp logo on free version.
  • Flashback Express – Free and no watermarks, but lacks advanced options. Best for quick captures.
Alternatives to WM Capture

What’s new in WM Capture?

  • Webcam picture-in-picture – Record your webcam video in a movable and sizable overlay.
  • Mouse highlight effects – Options to highlight or track the mouse cursor during recordings.
  • Hotkey customization – Assign your own keyboard shortcuts for common recording tasks.
  • Enhanced audio controls – More options for audio source, volume, noise reduction, etc.


Q: Does WM Capture work on Mac?

A: No, WM Capture is only compatible with Windows operating systems. It does not work natively on macOS.

Q: Can I live stream with WM Capture?

A: No, WM Capture does not have built-in streaming capabilities. It can only record to a local file on your computer. You would need a separate streaming program.

Q: What are the key features of WM Capture?

A: Key features include customizable recording of full screen, windows, or regions; webcam overlay; microphone audio capture; annotations like arrows; output to MP4 format; and a straightforward interface.


In conclusion, WM Capture is a highly efficient software that allows users to capture and record videos from any online source on their PC. With its advanced screen capture technology, users can easily save streaming videos, online tutorials, or even movies directly onto their computer for offline viewing.


The software also offers the option to convert the captured videos into various formats, including DVD. Additionally, WM Capture includes a built-in Windows Media converter, allowing users to convert the recorded videos into compatible formats for playback on different devices.

This online source converter eliminates the need for third-party software and simplifies the video converting process. Furthermore, WM Capture is compatible with various browsers, ensuring that users can record videos regardless of their preferred browser. Overall, WM Capture is an excellent tool for anyone looking to capture and convert videos from online sources with ease. 

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