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What is Virtual DJ App?

As a software specialist, I have had the opportunity to explore and test out various applications designed for professional DJs, and one that has caught my attention is Virtual DJ. After putting it to the test, based on our own experience, I can confidently say that this software comes with a large number of different options and features that make it an awesome tool for mixing and recording audio tracks.

Virtual DJ is a desktop application developed for Windows 10, allowing users to mix their favorite tunes with professional sound effects. The software comes with a BPM (beats per minute) tool, which is perfect for adding different types of effects to your mix.

Whether you are a professional DJ or simply a music enthusiast looking to spin some tracks, Virtual DJ offers a user-friendly interface and a wide range of capabilities that will suit any musical wish. So, if you are in search of a comprehensive and easy-to-use DJ application, Virtual DJ may just be the perfect solution for you. 

What is Virtual DJ App?

Technical Characteristics

  • HD video mixing, streaming
  • On-screen scrolling lyrics display
  • In-app YouTube streaming
  • Unlimited FX chains per music channel
  • Transitions, flangers, tempo, pitch, delays
Technical Characteristics



  • Reliability – Timecoded vinyl control retains backup reliability. 64-bit audio engine ensures clean mixes for long performances. Auto DJ guarantees music continuity.
  • Community – An enormous user community expands the software via custom scripts, skins, mappings and add-ons for enhanced novelty.
  • Cross-platform – Identical workflow across Mac, PC, iOS and Android allows flexible DJing between desktops, mobile and more without relearning.
  • Continuity – Weekly content expansions including new effects, skins, and iTunes integration keeps features fresh and current long-term via Atomix’s ongoing innovation.


  • Cluttered interface – With endless customization choices, it’s easy to create visually cluttered workflows that impede quick adjustments during fast sets.
  • Complex troubleshooting – Between hardware controllers, audio interfaces and OS configurations, diagnosing sound and device issues gets complicated for average users.
  • Hardware costs – While the software is affordable, building a complete DJ controller setup can get quite expensive buying mixers, turntables and accessories.

What’s new VirtualDj

Hey there, I’m excited to share with you the latest version of VirtualDJ! With the new version, you can now easily mix your favorite MP3 songs using the virtual DJ MP3 mixer. The virtual DJ software is available for free download for Windows operating system, and it’s also safe to use on your Android device.

This new version also comes with a 3D DJ music product, allowing DJs to remix their favorite songs and scratch on the turntable. It includes a digital audio workstation (DAW) for recording loopback and playing your music. Virtual DJ 8 now allows for the mix tracks and play your music on a projector. 

The software also comes with an activator and authorization code to ensure a secure and legal use of the product. What’s more, Virtual DJ is now available as a free-of-charge music companion, just as its name suggests. Don’t miss out on the latest features and improvements – download the latest version now and start mixing your favorite tunes! 

What's new VirtualDj

System Requirements

  • Windows 10/11 64-bit
  • Intel i5 CPU or faster
  • 8GB RAM minimum
  • 1GB free HDD space
System Requirements

How to install Virtual DJ pro mixer

  1. Install Software. Locate downloaded installation file and double click to launch. Follow on-screen prompts.
  2. Activate License. Open Virtual DJ software and enter license key under the Account tab.
  3. Configure Audio. Under Settings, go to the Audio tab. Set sound card or audio interface preferences.
  4. Map Controller. Under Controllers menu, choose your hardware controller make and model to map functions.
  5. Test Mixing & Effects. Load audio tracks onto the Virtual DJ deck. Mix songs and apply effects to confirm functionality.
How to install Virtual DJ pro mixer

Activation keys Virtual DJ mixer player

Activation keys Virtual DJ mixer player

Alternative Virtual music mixer DJ

  • djay Pro – One of the most capable and beautiful iOS/Android/MacOS DJ apps. Great for both mobile and club DJ requiring simplicity.
  • Mixxx – Completely free and open-source alternative. Good starter option before paying for more mainstream programs. Barebones compared to Virtual DJ.
  • Cross DJ – Affordable all-platform choice focused on accessible mixing for beginners. Audio features like key lock stand out.
  • Algoriddim DJay – Long popular simple DJ app modernizing aesthetic and Spotify integration. Best for basic mixing needs rather than advanced performance.
Alternative Virtual music mixer DJ


Q: Can you record mixes?

A: Yes, built-in recording allows capturing full mixes as Mp3/WAV files to share online or burn to CDs. The Pro Infinity version enables multi-track stem recordings.

Q: Is Virtual DJ for beginners or professionals?

A: The software has enough simplicity for total beginners but also unlocks capabilities for the most demanding club and mobile DJs. It scales well across needs.

Q: Does Virtual DJ work without a controller?

A: Yes, it can be controlled with just a laptop. However, dedicated MIDI controllers improve tactile control and closely emulate real DJ hardware workflows.


VirtualDJ is a powerful and versatile software for all aspiring DJs and music enthusiasts. Our analysis of this product has shown that it offers a wide range of features, including the ability to mix and remix your favorite songs in 3D, as well as the option to use virtual cross dj studio and turntable.


According to our experience, Virtual DJ provides a seamless and intuitive interface, making it easy for users to create and mix their own music. While there may be a temptation to use a crack or hack to obtain a free registration or serial for Virtual DJ, it is important to support the developers and purchase the software legally.

The download of Virtual DJ for Windows is also available, allowing users to access a virtual DJ music mixer and turn their computer into a full-fledged DJ studio. Overall, VirtualDJ is a fantastic tool for anyone looking to make awesome songs and let us play drums through its innovative platform. 

App Name
Virtual DJ
Virtual DJ
Latest Version
Feb 17, 2024
11.3 MB
Windows (7/10/11)
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