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About XSplit Broadcaster v3.8 Crack

XSplit Broadcaster is a popular live streaming and video recording program designed for gameplay and desktop content. The software provides an array of tools to stream video to platforms like Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook Live. Key features include chroma keying for web cam overlays, multi-source scene mixing, built-in chat interaction, and the ability to fully customize and brand your broadcast.

Version 3.8 of XSplit Broadcaster brings improved performance for game capture, better utilization of GPU resources, and enhanced tools for managing server connections when streaming.

The latest updates also include options for higher quality webcam inputs and new audio controls for balancing microphone and system sound sources. Small tweaks to the interface aim to make customizing scenes and accessing tools quicker and more intuitive.

XSplit Broadcaster v3.8

Technical characteristics

  • Output Resolutions: Up to 4K UHD (3840×2160).
  • Video Encoding: H.264/AVC, multiple bitrate options.
  • Audio Codecs: AAC, MP3.
  • Stream Destinations: Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, Periscope, Mixer, custom RTMP servers.
  • Webcam Capture: DirectShow and V4L2 supported. 720p/1080p HD resolution.
Technical characteristics

What are XSplit key features?

Advantages of XSplit

  • Light resource usage – The program is optimized to minimize performance hits when gaming and recording simultaneously. Less impact than other recording software.
  • High quality video – Supports HD recording and streaming up to 1080p at 60fps with good visual quality. Lots of encoding options.
  • Chroma keying – Excellent built-in chroma/green screen keying tool to overlay yourself or other visuals over your gameplay footage.
  • Scene mixing – Allows combining multiple video/audio sources into custom configurable layouts for professional looking streams.

Disadvantages of XSplit

  • Steep learning curve – The extensive options and settings can overwhelm new users. Takes time to master all its capabilities.
  • Limited mobile support – The mobile app has basic remote control but lacks full access to all streaming settings and options.
  • No video editing – As a live streaming tool, XSplit lacks video editing capabilities to cut and splice pre-recorded footage.
  • Maximum outputs – Licenses limit the number of simultaneous online broadcast destinations. Need to pay more for unlimited outputs.
key features

XSplit 3.8 System Requirements

  • CPU: An Intel Core i5 quad-core processor or AMD Ryzen 5 CPU or better. Needs at least 4 physical cores and good single thread performance.
  • GPU: A dedicated NVIDIA GeForce GTX 10-series or AMD Radeon RX 500-series graphics card or newer. At least 2GB of video memory.
  • RAM: Minimum of 8GB of system memory, 16GB is recommended.
  • Storage: An SSD is recommended for the OS and XSplit installation. Need at least 1GB free space for the program alone. A high capacity HDD for captured video footage.
System Requirements

How to Download and Install XSplit

Short step by step guide about How to Download and Install XSplit

  1. Step

    Locate the installer file you just downloaded and double click on it to launch the installation process.

  2. Step

    Accept the License Agreement and click “Next” to continue once the Welcome screen appears. Select the components you want to install.

  3. Step

    On the Destination Folder screen, choose where you want XSplit installed on your computer. The default location is C:\Program Files\XSplit. You can install it anywhere.

  4. Step

    Click the Install button on the Ready to Install screen. The installation will now fully install XSplit Broadcaster onto your computer.

XSplit 3.8 Activation Code 2023

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Activation Code

Alternatives to XSplit

  • Wirecast – A professional live video switching, production and encoding tool from Telestream.
  • vMix – A robust live production suite with advanced mixing, recording and ISO features for multi-cam streaming.
  • Flash Media Live Encoder – Adobe’s encoder focuses on high quality video for platforms like YouTube Live and Facebook Live.
  • Gameshow – A newer solution designed just for live streaming gameplay footage and webcam overlays.

What’s new in XSplit 3.8

  • Higher quality webcam input – Improved DirectShow and V4L2 webcam capturing with support for 1080p feeds at 60fps.
  • Enhanced audio controls – New advanced audio mixer with compressor, noise gate and gain filters plus channel specific adjustments.
  • Improved game capture – Faster and more efficient game source capturing, especially for DX12 and Vulkan games
What’s new in XSplit 3.8


Q: Does XSplit have a free version?

A: There is a free trial but most features require purchasing a premium license. The license cost starts at $59 per year.

Q: Can I stream with XSplit using a laptop?

A: Yes, but you’ll need a sufficiently powerful laptop with a dedicated GPU to handle streaming without performance issues.

Q: Does XSplit work with game consoles?

A: Directly capturing console gameplay for streaming requires additional hardware like a capture card. XSplit can display a console with a capture card as a source.


In conclusion, XSplit Broadcaster keygen is a comprehensive streaming software that offers many features and advantages. It is an alternative to the popular open broadcaster software (OBS) and provides a user-friendly interface for streamers. XSplit Broadcaster is constantly updated, with the latest version offering improved performance and compatibility with different sources for video streaming.


Additionally, the software includes the XSplit Gamecaster, which is specifically designed for gamers who want to stream their gameplay. Users can easily enable alerts and integrate torrent files into their streams.

However, it is important to note that XSplit Broadcaster requires a license key to be fully functional and using keygens or other illegal methods to obtain the license key is not a recommended practice. Overall, XSplit Broadcaster is a reliable and versatile streaming software that caters to the needs of streamers. 

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